Horizon Flyer

Horizon Flyer
The weapon that will see me attempt the 2010 Classic

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Blog

Hi All

Just a quick note to say I have started a new blog for this years PaddleNSW Vadja Marathon9 Series & the Hawkesbury Classic


Friday, November 19, 2010

Final Sponsorship Figures

Well it has all wrapped up for the year, the final Sponsorship figure for my entry is $1111.
I set 2 goals this year.
  • Beat 15 hours
  • Raise over $1000
Both were achieved

Thank you to all those who helped out in one way shape or form. I could not have done it without you all.

On Another Matter

I am going to do it all again next year!

Finish line 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

2011 Hawkesbury Classic

Well it is just over a week after my biggest challenge. I have now decided to do it all again but this time it will have a more defined goal. I will have a time to beat now, 111km in 14 Hours 12 Minutes & 39 seconds.

New Goal 111km in under 13 hours.
Is it achievable? I think so.
Will I be able to put the effort in to enable it? Yes.

So you all will get another year of me blogging the whole saga, enjoy the ride :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Done & Dusted (if you get dust with that much rain;))

2010 Hawkesbury Classic is all over and what an event it was beginning to end.

The Certificate!

The weather starting to close in pre start

Off to the Start

Pre start

It all started off great, I got to Sackville on time at 1915, stopped for a brief top up of the water and food & have a stretch (butt/hamstrings sore).I was back on the water at 1940 and had the tough slog to Wisemans Ferry, it was fighting the tide the whole way.I got to Wisemans at midnight and was happy with the time to that point.I remember paddling with a guy on the run to Wisemans and telling them that last year it beat me and it was not going to do it again.
The paddle from Wisemans to the finish was mentally tough, in the first part I was frustrated with my speed and could not seem to get what I thought was a good speed when running with the tide, I could not get above 7.5km/h. As people passed me one after the other, they all asked how are you? My answer was I got nothing left!! I could not break it, it was checkpoint after checkpoint but seemed like I was not getting any closer to Brooklyn. I was starting to think I could not make it. I made the call to stop at the Low Tide Pit-stop for a stretch and a breather to get back on track. What a great move that was! After a coffee and a scone from the volunteers there I was away again and the mood had lifted. when the mood lifted so did the speed, i was back to doing 10's again and with it came the passing of kayaks.
Then the Southerly hit, it was horrible, 1-2 foot chop hitting you head on but unsighted as it was 4am. I was into strong winds and chop, the speeds dropped back to 5's as I joined another guy for the slog home. I got to that checkpoint and now had the Southerly behind me and only a little over 4km to the finish. I was cruising nicely at 7km/h riding the wind swells towards Wilson island. Then in a split second I was hit by a wave at 45* from the rear of about 3 feet, it knocked the paddle from my grasp and next thing i was upside down in the water. With the help of fellow paddlers in a double, Kayak 212, I got back in and bailed out the water and went for home. The swim had given me a second wind, I was not letting Mother Nature beat me and I was giving my all, I had passed a few kayaks that had got by me in my little episode in the water.
I saw the finish line and I was paddling like it was a 500m sprint. I was not going to leave anything in the tanks. I passed a few guys in doubles on the run in.
I was home I had completed my Hawkesbury Classic at my second attempt.
14 Hours 12 Minutes & 39 Seconds
The End

I had done it!

I will add some pics once i get them from everyone who took them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Time has Come

It has arrived, the greatest challenge I have ever tried to beat. It go me last year, it will not win this year!

In just under an hour I will be on my way to the start.

4pm start & hopefully off the water by 7am tomorrow morning.